Trade Fair Preview 2024

Successful Trade Fair Recap and Outlook for 2024The year 2023 proved to be an impressive exhibition year for Herz Energietechnik GmbH, with a total of 47 participations in significant events. Among the standout trade fairs [...]

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New Products 2023

New Products 2023 This past year was filled with fascinating developments and exciting news. Our innovative prowess manifested in two outstanding products: a groundbreaking innovation in the biomass sector and a revolutionary development in the heat pump [...]

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Our HEART beats for renewable energy systems H ERZ Energietechnik GmbH has always focused on renewable energy systems and established itself as a full-range supplier for biomass systems and heat pumps - with state-of-the-art [...]



Dear customers / partners / employees! A very turbulent and eventful year is coming to an end. This year, HERZ Energietechnik was all about change. We were not only confronted with changes in the global issues [...]


Pellet boiler with condensing technology

Pellet boiler with condensing technology Pelletstar CONDENSATION 10-101 kW – up to 106% efficiency rate The HERZ pellet boiler with condensing technology is popular because of its innovative technology. The combustion technology at the [...]

Pellet boiler with condensing technology2022-12-12T11:00:30+01:00

Cross your heart – we give to help others

Cross your heart - we give to help others First company classification in Burgenland – On June 9th, the employees of HERZ Energietechnik were dedicated to the life-saving mission for people with leukemia from [...]

Cross your heart – we give to help others2022-12-07T12:14:41+01:00
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