pelletstar-H/HE 70-105 kW

Power range 20,5 bis 105 kW

The new generation of the proven pellet boiler!
The pelletstar-H/HE – impresses with efficient combustion technology and a new design – based on the pellet condensing boiler.
For more heat demand, the pelletstar-H/HE is also available with a nominal output of 70 to 105 kW.

The optimal heating solution!
The pelletstar-H/HE is always easy to use in any space situation, both for new installations and renovations. When heating with pellets, the environment also benefits due to the CO2-neutral combustion.
Thanks to the low-emission technology, the boiler series meets specifications with regard to emission limits and seasonal space heating energy efficiency.3.2 to 101 kW.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between a version with or without an integrated electrostatic filter. This works according to the electrostatic principle whereby fine dust particles are charged and moved to the wall. The fine dust collects on the wall and clumps together to form coarse flakes, which are simply removed by automatic cleaning.
The electrostatic filter can be retrofitted at a later date at any time.


  • High efficiency even with small particles
  • No pressure loss
  • Low maintenance and operating costs

Thanks to the modular design, the boiler can be individually completed with three versions.
There is a choice of:

Room discharge

Room discharge with electrostatic filter

Suction discharge with suction container DIRECT

The great advantages of the HERZ pelletstar-H/HE 70-105 kW

  • The pellet boiler provides even more convenience with automatic ignition and automatic heating operation.
  • The heat exchanger surfaces and burner cleaning are cleaned automatically by means of a tilting grate on a matrix. This ensures maximum comfort.

  • Manufactured from high temperature resistant stainless steel – thus longest possible service life.

  • Thanks to the modular design, installation and assembly can be carried out quickly and easily – so the boiler can be used flexibly in any room situation.
  • Depending on your needs, you can choose between the complete package for room discharge or suction discharge with the DIRECT suction container. In addition, it is also possible to complete the boiler with external manual and suction containers.
  • The pellestar-H/HE is also available with or without an electrostatic filter – this can be mounted on the left or right of the boiler.
  • The comfort ash box (ash trolley), with a capacity of 50 litres, collects combustion and fly ash. The ash trolley on wheels can thus be easily transported and emptied.
  • The boiler range fulfils specifications in terms of emission limits and seasonal space heating energy efficiency:
    • Seasonal efficiency: ETAs 81%
    • Fine dust: <2,5 mg/Nm³ (for HE version – with electrostatic filter)
    • Optionally, the energy consumption meter can be used to measure the amount of produced energy


User-friendly touch control T-CONTROL

  • Central control unit as standard for:

    • Combustion control with lambda probe
    • Buffer management
    • Outside temperature regulated control for one heating circuit
    • Control for domestic hot water preparation
    • Back flow elevation
    • Lambda probe control
    • Control for motor valve for fast heating up of heating circuits for buffer operation
  • Simple screen design and convenient menu guide

  • Extension possibilities up to 30 modules:

    • Controlled heating circuits
    • Solar circuit controll
    • Further buffer management

Energy labelling
pelletstar-H/HE 70-105 kW

Biomass boiler A+
Biomass boiler with integrated system controller A+