Pellet condensing boiler
pelletstar CONDENSATION 10 – 101 kW

Power range 3,2 till 101 kW

After intensive development work the first HERZ pellet boiler with condensing technology was 2016 introduced. The high efficient combustion-technology and the high-quality components result in an efficiency-improvement of the pellet boiler as well as the reduction of the emissions – due to our philosophy “increasing the efficiency, decreasing the emissions”.

The HERZ pelletstar CONDENSATION is the ideal solution for new buildings as well as for renovations.

The great advantages of HERZ pelletstar CONDENSATION – condensing boiler

  • Complete cleaning of the grate due to automatical tipping on a cleaning device. Minimizes the manual cleaning requirement.
  • Due to the clean combustion grate a optimal air supply is guaranteed.
  • The ash from the combustion chamber is dropped into the large ash bin below and can be removed from the front.
  • The steam which is contained in the flue gas is cooled down so far that liquid condensate is formed in the heat exchanger. With this cooling process (liquefaction) condensing heat is released and can be used for heating purposes. Thereby efficiencies up to 106% are achieved.
  • Complete boiler body is 100% made of stainless steel
  • The heat exchanger surfaces made of stainless steel are cleaned automatically via a flushing mechanism as well as via the integrated turbulators, even during heating operation and therefore no manual cleaning is necessary.
  • A consistently high level of efficiency by purified heat exchanger surfaces means lower fuel consumption.
  • A built in lambda probe, which monitors continuously the flue gas content values, detects fuel quality changes and ensures optimum combustion and low emission values.
  • The lambda probe controls the air supply and ensures the cleanest combustion, even in part load operation.
  • The results are lower fuel consumption and lowest emission values even with different fuel qualities.
  • The HERZ pelletstar CONDENSATION is the ideal solution for new buildings as well as for renovations. The heat distribution can be done via a low temperature system (underfloor heating) or a high temperature system (radiators). Depending on requirement the pelletstar CONDENSATION delivers the correct temperature also without buffer tank.
  • Due to the compact design the insertion and assembly can be done very fast & easy. In addition, the system can be placed on 2 sides (back & side) in flush with the wall and provides therefore, also for existing boiler rooms with limited space, an optimal solution.


User-friendly touch-controller T-CONTROL

  • Convenient menu and simple screen layout
  • Possibility for remote visualization and remote maintenance via smartphone, PC or tablet PC
  • Data transfer and software updates via USB stick
  • Possibility of Modbus-Communication

Energy labelling

Biomass boiler A++
Biomass boiler with integrated system controller A++