Wood gasification boiler
firestar 18-40 kW ECO series

Power range 7,6 till 40 kW

  • Simple, fast and user-friendly firing up without kindling.
  • Energy-saving combustion due to the unique double vortex combustion chamber made of SIC (no fireclay).
  • The large filling shaft for half meter logs guarantees a long burning time – up to 8 hours at nominal load (depending on boiler-type).
  • The very quiet operation of the boiler is based on high-quality system components.

The great advantages of HERZ firestar 18-40 kW ECO series – Wood gasification boiler

  • The revolutionary double vortex combustion chamber ensures optimum mixing of the combustion gases with oxygen.
  • The flame is distributed across 2 chambers and therefore a highly efficient combustion is ensured.
  • The combustion chamber consists out of heat-resistant fireproof concrete (SiC) ➠ no sheet metal parts ➠ no wear and tear ➠ which means DURABILITY
  • Simple, semi-automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger
    A consistently high level of efficiency thanks to cleaned heat exchanger surfaces enables low fuel consumption. The combustion and fly ash can simply be removed from the front.
  • To avoid smoke escaping when the filling shaft door is opened the ventilator sucks out the gases via the smoke extraction channel.
  • This ensures a smoke free boiler room and a comfortable refilling.
  • A built in lambda probe, which monitors continuously the flue gas values, detects fuel quality changes and ensures optimum combustion and low emission values.
  • The lambda probe controls the primary and secondary air input and ensures the cleanest combustion, even in part load operation.
  • Due to the intelligent control it is controlled, depending on the power output, to the optimum flue gas temperature.
  • The results are lower fuel consumption and lowest emission values even with different fuel qualities.

Control Lambda

  • Combustion control (lambda probe control)
  • Buffer management

  • Back flow elevation (pump and mixer valve)
  • Control of heating circuits, solar circuits and domestic hot water preparation with an external controller possible!

Energy labelling

Biomass boiler A+
Biomass boiler with integrated system controller A+