HERZ trainings

  • All trainings/courses at a glance:

Practical training

  • Chimney sweep trainings
  • Assembly trainings

  • Maintenance trainings
  • Commissioning trainings

Theoretical training

  • Factory visits
  • Technical product courses & sales trainings
  • Controller trainings
  • Planning trainings
  • Reference visits

HERZ helds per year at the training center Pinkafeld about 270 seminars and factory-tours for partners, planners, technical offices, assemblers & installers and also for system operators & technical educational institutions from Austria and abroad. Last year 3000 people out of a total of 23 (!) countries from Europe and North America had been trained.

Modern conference facilities and hands-on learning directly on the boiler or the heat pump to create a pleasant atmosphere and guarantee an optimal educational experience for the participants.

Also visit groups of vocational schools, colleges, high schools or universities are always welcome and will be informed about the company and product range and guided through the production halls.

In addition, employees and HERZ-partners and agencies from all over Europe will be held with internal seminars constantly up to date. Sign in with an email to [email protected]