Wood gasification boiler
firestar 18-40 kW De Luxe series

Power range 7,6 till 40 kW

  • Simple, fast and user-friendly firing up without kindling.
  • Energy-saving combustion due to the unique double vortex combustion chamber made of SIC (no fireclay).
  • The large filling shaft for half meter logs guarantees a long burning time – up to 8 hours at nominal load (depending on boiler-type).
  • The very quiet operation of the boiler is based on high-quality system components.

The great advantages of HERZ firestar 18-40 kW De Luxe series – Wood gasification boiler

  • The revolutionary double vortex combustion chamber ensures optimum mixing of the combustion gases with oxygen.
  • The flame is distributed across 2 chambers and therefore a highly efficient combustion is ensured.
  • The combustion chamber consists of heat-resistant fireproof concrete (SiC) ➠ no sheet metal parts ➠ no wear and tear ➠ which means DURABILITY
  • The heat exchanger surfaces are automatically cleaned via the integrated turbulators, even during heating operation and therefore no manual cleaning is necessary.
  • A consistently high level of efficiency by purified heat exchanger surfaces means lower fuel consumption. The combustion and fly ash can simply be removed via the integrated ash tray on the front.
  • No side cleaning apertures – therefore less space is required.
  • Also available in split version for small room heights
  • To avoid smoke escaping when the filling shaft door is opened the ventilator sucks out the gases via the water cooled smoke extraction channel.
  • This ensures a smoke free boiler room and a comfortable refilling.
  • A built in lambda probe, which monitors continuously the flue gas values, detects fuel quality changes and ensures optimum combustion and low emission values.
  • The lambda probe controls the primary and secondary air input and ensures the cleanest combustion, even in part load operation.
  • Due to the intelligent control it is controlled, depending on the power output, to the optimum flue gas temperature.
  • The results are lower fuel consumption and lowest emission values even with different fuel qualities.

Control T-CONTROL:

  • Combustion control (lambda probe control)
  • Buffer management
  • Back flow elevation (pump and mixer valve)
  • 1 controlled heating circuit (pump and mixer valve)
  • Domestic hot water preparation
  • Frost protection
  • Simple screen design and convenient menu guide
  • Extension possibilities up to 55 modules (further heating circuits, solar circuit control, 2. buffers, etc.)

Even more comfort due to automatic ignition

As option the firestar De Luxe 18-40 kW is also available with automatic ignition. With this feature the time of heating can be chosen freely. Due to this the operation is very low in effort and thus ensures a very high degree of convenience.

Pellet flange

If the use of wood pellets is likely in the future, the log wood boiler with pellet flange is the solution for you. With this flanged solution it is possible to retrofit the log boiler with a pellet burner to meet your requirements. If the buffer or heating circuits require heat after burning all logs, the operation is automatically continued with wood pellets.

Energy labelling

Biomass boiler A+
Biomass boiler with integrated system controller A+