Wood chip-/ pellet boiler
firematic 80-301 kW

Power range 23 till 301 kW

The HERZ firematic 80-301 kW is a biomass boiler for wood chips and wood pellets. Compact, high efficient and economical.

  • The cleanest combustion thanks to Lambda probe control even with variable fuel quality.
  • The quiet operation of the boiler is thanks to its high-quality system components.
  • The lowest emission values to protect our environment

The great advantages of HERZ firematic 80-301 kW

  • Wood chips or wood pellets are transported from the side into the combustion chamber (with single stoker screw for firematic 20-101 and double stoker screw for firematic 130-301).
  • The movement of the step grate is also a cleaning mechanism of the burning chamber. These grate elements consist of special, highquality cast iron. Through the movement of the step- /moving grid the biomass is transported through the combustion area.
  • The cleaning of the combustion chamber from burning ash is carried by an automatically tipping grid. A subjacent mounted ash screw transports the ash directly into the ash container.
  • Minimizes the manual cleaning requirement.
  • The heat exchanger surface gets cleaned automatically via the integrated turbulators, even during heating operation, no manual cleaning necessary.
  • A consistently high level of efficiency thanks to cleaned heat exchanger surfaces enables low fuel consumption.
  • The fly ash is taken into the front ash container via a discharge screw.
  • Via the two ash discharge screws the combustion and fly ash is automatically augered into the ash bins.
  • The removable ash containers with wheels enables simple and convenient emptying of the ash.
  • A built in lambda probe, which monitors continuously the flue gas content values, detects fuel quality changes and ensures optimum combustion and low emission values.
  • The Lambda probe controls the primary and secondary air supply ensuring complete combustion, even in partial load operation.
  • The results are low fuel consumption and the lowest emission values even with different fuel qualities.
  • Due to the compact design the insertion and assembly can be done very fast & easy.


User-friendly touch-controller T-CONTROL

  • Convenient menu and simple screen layout
  • Possibility for remote visualization and remote maintenance via smartphone, PC or tablet PC
  • Data transfer and software updates via USB stick
  • Possibility of Modbus-Communication

Cascade operation

Using the HERZ T-CONTROL, up to 8 HERZ boilers equipped with T-CONTROL can be switched to cascade (CAN BUS). A special advantage of the cascade arrangement is the efficient utilization of the boiler at lower heat consumption (eg in the transitional period).