Comfortable heat with the control unit T-CONTROL

With the user-friendly VGA color touch-screen controller, the burning-process, as well as heating circuits, a hot water tank, buffer tank and a solar system can be controlled.

The convenient menu and simple screen layout with schematic 3D-representation ensures maximum user-friendliness.

The “modular operation” of the T-CONTROL offers extension possibilities up to 55 modules. As a result, the central control unit can optimally coordinate the processes of the combustion control (lambda probe control), buffer management, back flow elevation, heating circuit, hot water preparation, solar and more.

A central controller for:

  • Buffer management
  • Back flow elevation (pump and mixer valve)
  • Domestic hot water preparation
  • Controlled heating circuits (pump and mixer valve)
  • Solar circuit control
  • Frost protection

Remote access to the control via the myHERZ-portal

As an additional option, the T-CONTROL offers the possibility for remote visualization and remote maintenance via smartphone, PC or tablet PC.
The handling is the same as in the Touch-Control directly on the boiler. The processes and parameters can be read and modified any time from anywhere.