Comfortable heat with the control unit T-CONTROL

With the user-friendly touch-control-unit „T-Control“, heating circuits, boilers, buffers and solar can be controlled in addition to the combustion process.

The convenient menu and simple screen layout with schematic 3D-representation ensures maximum user-friendliness.

The “modular operation” of the T-Control offers extension possibilities up to 30 modules. This allows the central control unit to process the combustion (with lambda sensor), buffer management, return temperature rise, heating circuits, hot water preparation, solar circuit and more optimal together. Additionally, the control system can be easily expanded or modified with the external modules.

The central control unit for:

  • Combustion control
  • Lambda probe control (controls the combustion air and fuel input)
  • Buffer management module
  • Control for domestic hot water preparation (via hot water tank or buffer with fresh water modul)
  • Flow temperature booster during domestic hot water preparation (pump and mixer Valve)
  • Controlled heating circuits (pump and mixer valve)
  • Solar circuit control
  • Frost protection monitoring

Remote access to the control via the myHERZ-portal very easy from everywhere

As an additional option, the T-Control offers the possibility for remote visualisation and remote maintenance via smartphone, PC or tablet PC. The handling is the same as in the Touch-Control directly on the boiler. The processes and parameters can be read and modifi ed any time from anywhere.