HERZ buffer, hot water tanks and hot water preperation

With a buffer, hot water tank or hot water module from HERZ you are never wrong!

HERZ Multifunctionstore with

  • Two-zone-buffer tank
  • Hygienic domestic hot water preparation
  • Integrated heating circuit module (2 mixed circuits)
  • Connection for solar systems

The tank has been specifi cally designed for combination with heat pump systems. This ensures an optimal energy utilization. Specially fabricated components (stration plates, infl ow defl ector plates, position of the nozzle etc.) and an intelligent construction characterize this high performance storage tank. Excellent part load and nominal load behavior is the result.

Domestic hot water tanks

  • Volume from 300 till 1000 litre

Domestic hot water tanks with solar heat exchanger

  • Solar energy can be used to heat up the domestic hot water. Volume from 300 till 500 litre

Buffer tanks

  • Volumes from 200 till 5000 litre, bigger buffers on request
  • The buffers are also available with solar heat exchanger

Continuous-flow water heater

  • For hygienic sanitary hot water preparation
  • The module prepares the domestic hot water in an efficient way. The fresh cold water is heaten up via a plate heat exchanger with water from the buffer tank
  • Therefore no domestic hot water tank is required