HERZ BioFire 500-1500

Power range from 150 till 1500 kW (with cascade switching up to 4500 kW)

The HERZ BioFire 500/600/800/1000/1500 is the answer for large properties. Innovative heating with the unbeatable compact BioFire for wood chips or pellets!

The greatest advantages of the HERZ BioFire

  • The option of cascade connection enables projects of up to 4.500 kW to be implemented.
  • Boilers in modular design (burner and heat exchanger module)
  • Fast installation due to completely pre-assembled modules
  • Low thermal mass (water cooled combustion chamber instead of fireclay) and therefore fast availability of heat
  • High power to mass ratio and extremely compact design
  • Step grate with 2 controllable zones
  • Automatic cleaning of the combustion chamber and the pipe heat exchanger
  • Option of automatic ash discharge into external boxes

HERZ BioFire can be used individually in…

  • Large buildings: Hospitals, schools, public buildings, etc.
  • Hotel complexes: Heating buildings as well as heating for swimming pools, Wellness areas, fitness and spa areas
  • Housing estate projects: District heating, family homes, etc.
  • Timber processing plants: Joinery, furniture producers, etc.
wood chips and wood pellets
the solution for large properties
the solution for large properties
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Storage- and transport systems
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