Wood chip-/ pellet boiler
BioFire 500-1500 kW

Power range 150 bis 1500 kW (with cascade switching up to 4500 kW)

The HERZ BioFire 500-1500 kW is the answer for large properties. Innovative heating with the unbeatable compact BioFire for wood chips or pellets!

HERZ BioFire can be used individually in…

  • Large buildings
    such as hospitals, schools, public buildings, hotel complexes, heating buildings as well as heating for swimming pools, wellness areas, fitness and spa areas, …

  • Housing estate projects
    for the heating of districts, residential buildings, local heating networks, …
  • Industrial companies, process heat & wood processing companies
    like joinery, furniture producers, …

The great advantages of HERZ BioFire 500-1500 kW

  • System in modular design
    Due to the modular design with combustion chamber and heat exchanger module, installation and assembly can be carried out quickly and easily, even without a crane. Also in already existing boiler rooms with limited space, the system offers an optimal solution due to its low and compact design.
  • Automatic burner & heat exchanger cleaning and automatic ash removal
    The combustion chamber and the heat exchanger are automatically cleaned and thus kept clean, therefore long boiler operation periods can be realized. The highest level of comfort is provided by automatic deashing.
  • Multifunctional control concept
    A multifunctional control concept has been developed with the userfriendly color touch display control. With the “heart” of the boiler, many processes and parameters can be optimally matched.
  • Low storage mass
    (no fireclay but water cooled combustion chamber)- therefore fast power supply
  • Pull-out burner
    The burner grate can be completely pulled out of the burner module for maintenance.
  • Combustion technology at the highest level
    The in-house developed step grate technology, the compact combustion chamber geometry and the standard built-in lambda probe, which controls the air supply as well as the amount of material, result in flexible application options for fuels and lowest emission values.
  • Due to the possibility of cascading, projects up to 4,500 kW can be realized.
  • Step grate with 2 controllable zones
  • Suitable for 6 bar operating pressure
  • Possibility of central ash discharge into external containers – also retrofittable.


User-friendly touch-controller T-CONTROL

  • Convenient menu and simple screen layout
  • Possibility for remote visualization and remote maintenance via smartphone, PC or tablet PC
  • Data transfer and software updates via USB stick
  • Possibility of Modbus-Communication

Cascade operation

Using the HERZ T-CONTROL, up to 8 HERZ boilers equipped with T-CONTROL can be switched to cascade (CAN BUS). A special advantage of the cascade arrangement is the efficient utilization of the boiler at lower heat consumption (eg in the transitional period).