Pellet boiler with condensing technology
Pelletstar CONDENSATION 10-101 kW – up to 106% efficiency rate

The HERZ pellet boiler with condensing technology is popular because of its innovative technology.

The combustion technology at the highest level and the high-quality system components result in an increase of the efficiency rate of the pellet boilers as well as very low emission values – according to the motto “increase efficiency, reduce emissions”. The water vapor contained in the exhaust gas is cooled down to such an extent that liquid condensate is formed. During this cooling (liquefaction), heat is released and used for heating purposes, whereby efficiencies of up to 106% can be achieved.

The extremely compact system is the ideal solution for new builds as well as for modernisation.

The heat distribution can take place via a low temperature system (underfloor heating) or a high temperature system (radiator). Depending on the requirements, the pelletstar CONDENSATION delivers the right temperature, even without a buffer. Thanks to the modular design, the pellets boiler can now be installed even more easier.

As with all HERZ biomass systems, the standard built-in lambda probe ensures perfect combustion values in the condensing boiler, even with different fuel qualities.

An indestructible heart made of stainless steel: the entire boiler body as well as the combustion chamber and the heat exchanger are made of stainless steel. The combustion chamber and the heat exchangers are cleaned automatically, so that no manual work is necessary. In addition, a consistently high level of efficiency is achieved through cleaned heat exchanger surfaces.

There is also the usual variety of pellet discharge systems for the pelletstar CONDENSATION available. From discharge using a flexible screw to suction systems or the hoppers for manual filling: HERZ offers the optimal solution for every space and room situation.

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