New Products 2023

This past year was filled with fascinating developments and exciting news. Our innovative prowess manifested in two outstanding products: a groundbreaking innovation in the biomass sector and a revolutionary development in the heat pump segment. Additionally, we introduced a proven product in a new combination to offer our customers even more innovative solutions.

The expansion of our product catalog aimed to provide even more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. With these developments, we aimed to ensure that there is a suitable solution for every requirement and preference.

New Era of the Proven Pellet Boiler: pelletstar-H/HE

The pelletstar-H/HE pellet boiler not only relies on efficient combustion technology but also showcases a new, modern design. Its modular construction allows for individual customization with screw package, suction discharge, or manual filling. The versatile options enable tailored adaptation to every space situation, both in new installations and renovations. With or without an integrated electrofilter – the pelletstar-H/HE excels in every configuration.

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Innovative Heat Pump Technology

The new air/water heat pump commotherm AWi-Mono* was specifically designed for outdoor use. With state-of-the-art inverter technology and the environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, it optimally adjusts its heating capacity to current ambient and flow temperatures. The heat pump not only stands out for its efficiency but can also be actively used for cooling. The built-in “Silent Mode” ensures particularly quiet operation during the night hours.

*only available in Austria

Upgrade for Proven Performance

The pelletfire, already known as a multifunctional wonder due to the perfect combination of wood gasification boiler and pellet boiler, now comes with an additional innovation – the integrated suction container. With an impressive volume of 75 liters, the suction container allows for the intermediate storage of approximately 49 kg of pellets in the boiler. This significantly reduces the transport effort, as pellets only need to be transported from the storage room to the boiler 1-3 times a day. The suction times are flexible, enabling automatic feeding of the boiler. This innovation combines efficiency and convenience.

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