Cross your heart – we give to help others

First company classification in Burgenland – On June 9th, the employees of HERZ Energietechnik were dedicated to the life-saving mission for people with leukemia from the association “Geben für Leben – Leukämiehilfe Österreich”.

As the first company in Burgenland, the HERZ Energietechnik in Pinkafeld decided to carry out a company classification and thus hopes to be a role model for many other companies. For patients with leukemia and other similar serious illnesses, a bone marrow / stem cell transplant may be the only chance of a cure. It is therefore important that many young people between the ages of 17 and 45 allow themselves to be typed. The typing process is very simple either by taking a cheek swab or taking a blood sample. For the employees who were not present on the day of the typing campaign, a home kit (cheek swab) was provided, which is then sent to the association – it can be so easy to „save lives“ from home.

Be like Roland
Roland, training manager at HERZ Energietechnik had himself typed and is now saved as a donor in the international bone marrow/stem cell donor database. If his stem cells match those of a sick patient, he can save a life with the donation. Be like Roland and get yourself typed!

True to the motto “we give to help others”
Health is the most precious human good. The employees of the company HERZ go according to the motto “Cross your heart – we give to help others ”and with the typing campaign have contributed the first step towards the life-saving mission of the association “Geben für Leben”. The company is proud of the social commitment of its employees because HERZ not only stands for cozy warmth and sustainable energy systems – we also give to help others!

„On behalf of all employees, we would like to thank the association „Geben für Leben” for the opportunity and the smooth running of the typing campaign and hope that many more will follow our example,“ the marketing team said.