Log wood / pellet combination boiler
pelletfire 20-40 kW

Power range 6,1 till 40 kW

The HERZ pelletfire 20-40 kW is a combination of a log boiler and a wood pellet burner. Especially the continued operation after burning of all logs makes the heating with a combi-boiler comfortable!

The already proven technology and the know-how from the HERZ pelletfire (from the year 1996) was used for further development regarding efficiency and comfort.

The multifunctional pelletfire is a perfectly paired combination of a log wood boiler and wood pellet boiler.

The great advantages of HERZ pelletfire

  • The revolutionary double vortex combustion chamber ensures optimum mixing of the combustion gases with oxygen.
  • The flame is distributed across 2 chambers and therefore a highly efficient combustion is ensured.
  • The combustion chamber consists of heat-resistant fireproof concrete (SiC) ➠ no sheet metal parts ➠ no wear and tear ➠ which means DURABILITY
  • Due to the separate combustion chambers there can be flexible switched between log wood and pellets operation.
  • If the buffer or heating circuits require heat after burning all logs, the operation is automatically continued with wood pellets.
  • Complete cleaning of pellets-combustion grate which automatically tips ash to extraction point. Minimizes the manual cleaning requirement.
  • Due to the clean combustion grate a optimal air supply is guaranteed.
  • The ash from the combustion chamber is dropped into the large ash bin below.
  • Unchanged, 1000-times proven combustion system since 2003
  • The heat exchanger surfaces are automatically cleaned via the integrated turbulators, even during heating operation, eliminating manual cleaning.
  • A consistently high level of efficiency thanks to cleaned heat exchanger surfaces enables low fuel consumption.
  • The integrated, extractable ash boxes allow an easy ash disposal.
  • The automatic ignition of the inserted logs with pellets is possible as standard.
  • Made of high heat-resistant steel – for longest lifetime
  • A built in lambda probe, which monitors continuously the flue gas content values, detects fuel quality changes and ensures optimum combustion and low emission values.
  • The lambda probe controls the air supply and ensuring complete combustion, even in part load operation.
  • The results are low fuel consumption and the lowest emission values even with different fuel qualities.
  • HERZ offers a variety of wood pellet discharge systems including flexible screw discharge, suction system or manual hand filling to suit different room situations.


User-friendly touch-controller T-CONTROL

  • The central control unit for:

    • Combustion control with lambda probe
    • Buffer management module
    • Weather-guided control for 1 mixed circuit (including outside sensor)
    • Control for domestic hot water preparation (via hot water tank or buffer with
      fresh water modul)
    • Return temperature rise
    • Lambda probe control (controls combustion air and fuel supply)
    • Activation for motorized valve for rapid heating of heating circuits in buffer operation
  • Convenient menu and simple screen layout ensures maximum user-friendliness

  • Offers extension possibilities up to 30 external modules:

    • Controlled heating circuits (actuator drive and pump)
    • Solar circuit control
    • Frost protection monitoring

Add pellets later

Futureproof your installation with the option to retrofit.

If the use of wood pellets is likely in the future, the log boiler with pellet flange is the solution for you. With this flanged solution it is possible to retrofit the log boiler with a pellet burner to meet your requirements.

Energy labelling

Combination boiler A+
Combination boiler with integrated system controller A+