firematic CONDENSATION 30 – 40 kW

Power range 9 till 40 kW

Following the successful market launch of the HERZ pellets condensing boiler in 2016 the first woodchip boiler with condensing technology, the “HERZ firematic CONDENSATION 30/40” in two sizes (with 30 and 40 kW rated output) is now being presented on the market following intensive research and development work. With the innovative product HERZ Energietechnik GmbH already has been awarded with the Innovation Prize of Burgenland in the category for large companies.

The woodchip condensing boiler is able to use the so-called “latent” heat contained in the exhaust gas. The use of this heat takes place by the hot exhaust gas which is cooled down so far that the water vapor condenses therein, while the contained energy (the heat of condensation) is released. This additional heat is added to the heating system. As a result, efficiencies up to 107% can be reached and legally required dust emissions can be far undercut!

The big advantages of HERZ firematic CONDENSATION – condensing boiler

  • Side load of wood chips into the combustion chamber.
  • Complete cleaning of the grate due to automatical tipping on a cleaning device.
  • Due to the clean combustion grate an optimum air supply is guaranteed.
  • Minimizes the manual cleaning requirement.
  • The steam which is contained in the flue gas is cooled down so far that liquid condensate is formed in the heat exchanger. With this cooling process (liquefaction) condensing heat is released and can be used for heating purposes. Thereby efficiencies up to 107% are achieved.
  • The heat exchanger surfaces made of stainless steel are cleaned automatically via a flushing mechanism as well as via the integrated turbulators, even during heating operation and therefore no manual cleaning is necessary.
  • A consistently high level of efficiency thanks to cleaned heat exchanger surfaces enables low fuel consumption.
  • The resulting fly ash, as well as the condensate and the cleaning water are automatically flushed into the sewer via the condensate- and cleaning water drain.
  • A built in lambda probe, which monitors continuously the flue gas content values, detects fuel quality changes and ensures optimum combustion and low emission values.
  • The Lambda probe controls the primary and secondary air supply to ensure a complete combustion, even in part load operation.
  • The results are lower fuel consumption and lowest emission values even with different fuel qualities.
  • Due to the compact design the insertion and assembly can be done very fast & easy.


User-friendly touch-controller T-CONTROL

  • Convenient menu and simple screen layout
  • Possibility for remote visualization and remote maintenance via smartphone, PC or tablet PC
  • Data transfer and software updates via USB stick
  • Possibility of Modbus-Communication

Cascade operation

Using the HERZ T-CONTROL, up to 8 HERZ boilers equipped with T-CONTROL can be switched to cascade (CAN BUS). A special advantage of the cascade arrangement is the efficient utilization of the boiler at lower heat consumption (eg in the transitional period).

Energy labelling

Biomass boiler A++
Biomass boiler with integrated system controller A++