Domestic hot water heat pump
commotherm BWP 300

More than just domestic hot water

The domestic hot water heat pump from HERZ uses the energy from the ambient air for an efficient and economical hot water preparation.
The domestic hot water can be heated in various ways:
The combination of the heat pump with a boiler or solar is called bivalence mode. Here, in cooler winter days also the domestic hot water is heated via the boiler in addition to the heating circuits in the living rooms. Therefore, a smooth-pipe-heat-exchanger is fitted as standard in the domestic hot water heat pump.

The versatile possibilities of the heat pump
The heat pump enables numerous ventilation modes which can be realized depending on the installation of the air duct system. Usually it is assembled in the basement. In best case preheated air, for example from bathrooms or washrooms, is used. The sucked air delivers its heat in the heat pump for hot water production. The cool and dry air which is produced during the heat pump process can be used for cooling of rooms or blow out into the environment.

The great advantages of the HERZ domestic water heat pump commotherm BWP 300

  • Simple water heating with the surrounding air
  • 300 l nominal content
  • Integrated air-to-water heat pump for domestic hot water preparation
  • High-quality enamelled storage tank
  • Individual management: Heating via integrated heat pump, external boiler or solar heating possible
  • Integration into the existing heating system possible
  • Cooling of a room (by means of air ducting) possible
  • Integrated electric heating element
  • Quick & easy to mount
  • Automatic legionella protection
  • Photovoltaic connection as standard
  • Easy operation with digital temperature display
  • 2 pieces of probe profiles. Temperature measurement over the entire jacket height possible

Energy labelling

commotherm BWP 300 A