commotherm hybrid tower SW / WW

With the HERZ hybrid tower a product was developed which combines a complete heating system in one unit.

With this unique combination of heat pump with two-zonebuffer tank you must never worry, how each unit must be placed, how each component is connected most effi cient or which pipe dimensions, pump sizes, tank sizes might be the best. The total heat production and heat distribution with all pipe connections, pumps, reversing valves, tanks, etc. is combined in one unit. The individual system components are assembled and connected with the factory-made connection sets – DONE!

  • The hybrid tower includes:

  • Two-zone-buffer tank
  • Hygienic domestic hot water preparation
  • Integrated heating circuit module (2 heating circuits are possible)
  • Connection for solar systems
  • Integrated heat pump for heating and hot water (power range from 5 to 12 kW)

Advantages of the HERZ hybrid tower:

  • A unit for the whole heat and hot water preparation
  • A complete heating system can be installed in the narrowest space, only 0,70 m² foot print
  • Lowest assembly times by pre-installed connection sets
  • Optimally matched system components
  • Highest efficiency
  • High-quality thermal- and acoustically insulated
  • All connections from above

Energy efficiency classes for central room heating with 35°C flow temperature


hybrid tower SW
with integrated system control T-CONTROL
hybrid tower WW
with integrated system control T-CONTROL

The HERZ hybrid tower was awarded because of its specifi c technology in terms of energy effi ciency and innovation.

Heat source:
Soil or water
Using power and energy from our earth
Using power and energy from our earth…
More information you can find in the brochure!