With the energy from our planet

From development to the finished product


Energy awareness and pioneering spirit shape the development of our systems. The heat pumps are further developed and optimized in close cooperation with the FH Burgenland. They are tested in our in-house heat pump test center to guarantee trouble-free operation and high performance.


Starting with heating and cooling as well as for domestic hot water preparation, we offer you a complete product range of heat pumps for single and multi-family houses, office buildings and smaller industrial buildings. With system temperatures up to 60°C, the HERZ heat pumps can also be used for renovation.


HERZ heat pump systems correspond to the highest requirements and are also awarded with the EHPA quality seal. Our product range is constantly being further developed and confirmed by renowned testing institutes with certificates. Thanks to our innovation strength, we already have received some awards with our products.

You have the choice – system variants

Air heat pumps LW-A

Power range 6 till 17 kW

Domestic hot water heat pump BWP

300 litre nominal volume

How does the system heat pump work?

The refrigeration circle

A heat pump uses stored solar energy or ambient heat e.g. from the air, the ground or from the ground water. To use this heat for heating purposes, the heat pump uses a so called refrigerant. The refrigerant evaporates due to its low boiling point even at relatively “low” temperatures of the heat source. The evaporated refrigerant is compressed in the compressor. This increases the temperature to the required level. In the so-called condenser, the “hot” refrigerant is liquefied again. The heat energy is transferred to the heating system. At this point the cycle is closed and starts all over again.

The great advantages of HERZ heat pumps:

  • High coefficient of performance (COP)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • 3 – times sound-decoupled compressor module
  • Highest efficiency for heating and domestic hot water preparation, passive and active cooling is possible optionally
  • Smart grid ready

  • High efficiency, great performance even at low temperatures
  • Maximum operational safety
  • EHPA approved
  • Plug & Heat: Easy installation; primed ready for operation, tested plant delivery
  • Remote monitoring via myherz.at – Internet portal
  • Whisper-quiet operation with silent mode and generously dimensioned evaporator unit.
  • High quality thermal and sound insulation
  • Integrated soft start
  • Bivalence mode with other heat generators possible
  • Small space requirenment due to compact design
  • All-round maintenance access