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Over the years HERZ has become the established specialist for renewable energy systems. The HERZ product range is a one-stop shop for: wood gasification boilers up to 40 kW, pellet plants and wood chip plants up to 1,500 kW (with cascade switching up to 4,500 kW), heat pumps up to 40 kW and buffer and hot water tanks. Its principal focus is on modern, cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating systems offering maximum comfort and user-friendliness.

With what type of fuel / energy do you want to heat in future?

Where is your new heating systems used?

Condensing boiler

Power range 3,2 till 60 kW

Boiler for log wood

Power range 7,6 till 40 kW

Log wood / pellet combination boiler

Power range 6 till 40 kW

Pellet boiler

Power range 3,5 till 60 kW

Wood chip-/ pellet boiler

Power range 6 till 60 kW

Heat pumps

Power range 5 till 40 kW

Wood chip-/ pellet boiler

Power range 80 till 4500 kW

Pellet-/ wood chip boiler

Power range 120 till 201 kW

Wood chip-/ pellet boiler

Power range till 4500 kW

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