From Apprenticeship to Career with HERZ!

Herz Energietechnik has successfully guided several apprentices through their final exams, including Carina Prem, an employee in the IT & DP department. In 2020, she embarked on her second apprenticeship at HERZ Energietechnik in Pinkafeld.

“I previously completed an apprenticeship as a retail saleswoman and realized that my interest leaned more towards information technology. After some research, I decided to pursue a second education,” says the newly minted IT specialist.

Three years ago, she began her apprenticeship at Herz, deepening her knowledge in the field and contributing to the company. Her apprenticeship stood out for its versatility, as one learns many things beyond their own department. Now, nearly three years after starting her apprenticeship, she stands as a certified IT specialist among Herz employees and will continue to be a valuable support in the team. The joy is not only significant for Carina but also for Managing Director DI (FH) Karl Pucher, who sees this educational path as a future opportunity:

“Apprentices are the key when it comes to the future of skilled workers. I am particularly pleased that we can record another successful final apprenticeship exam here and continue to accompany a valuable employee in the future.”

As a company, we continue to aim to train apprentices in various fields, from metalworking to office specialists.