Our heart beats for renewable energy systems

HERZ Energietechnik GmbH has always relied on renewable energy systems and is a full-service provider for biomass systems and heat pumps and employs over 200 people in production and sales. State-of-the-art production facilities and a testing facility for innovative new products are available at the company site in Pinkafeld. Proven collaborations with research and educational institutions can thus be intensified.

With the most modern pellet and wood chip systems up to 1,500 kW, wood gasification boilers up to 40 kW and heat pumps up to 80 kW, HERZ offers a complete range of cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating systems with the highest level of convenience and user-friendliness. The HERZ magic formula: Versatility and a suitable system for every customer with different renewable energy sources.

To round off the systems, HERZ also offers domestic hot water tanks, buffer tanks and fresh water modules. Over the years, HERZ has established itself as a specialist in renewable energy systems – the main focus is on modern, inexpensive and environmentally friendly heating systems with the highest level of comfort.

As an Austrian boiler manufacturer, it is enjoyable that HERZ biomass systems and heat pumps provide cozy warmth around the world.

Gerlitzen, Austria:
True to the motto “get out of the oil”, an old oil boiler in the hotel complex on the Gerlitzen was replaced by two environmentally friendly and modern HERZ wood chip/pellet systems with 100 kW and 200 kW and now provide guests with cozy warmth at cool temperatures.

Gotenba, Japan:
The “Chichibu-no-miya Memorial Park” was created in the imperial villa in Gotenba and is now a great place with history for tourists. In the middle of the park there is also a bit of HERZ – a HERZ firematic 35 heats two greenhouses and a tea house in the park.

Uppsala, Sweden:
Wiks Slott, a castle with a conference centre in the Swedish municipality of Uppsala, is supplied with cozy warmth with an environmentally friendly wood chip pellet system from HERZ. The castle was seen in the 1998 film Commander Hamilton and now the 499 kW boiler is the heart of the well-known property.

Barcelona, Spain:
The “Montserrat Abbey” is located at an altitude of 721 meters near Barcelona. A popular destination for pilgrims and two wood chip/pellet systems from HERZ are in the middle of the magnificent property. The HERZ BioFire systems are used for heating and hot water preparation for ten buildings with over 40,000 m².

Tasmania, Australia:
One of our wood chip/pellet systems from the firematic series has covered a total of 16,000 kilometres and had to pass several stations on its long way before it could be received in the port of Burnie in Tasmania. In Australia, the journey then continues to Smithton by truck. From now on, the system provides cozy warmth with a heating output of 301 kW in a community centre and is also used for hot water preparation.

Pamhagen, Austria:
32 hotel rooms, 127 bungalows, a wellness area and the heat supply from HERZ.
The HERZ wood chip pellet boiler with 600 kW supplies the guests of the Vila Vita Pannonia in Pamhagen in Burgenland with environmentally friendly and comfortable warmth.

Unterbuch, Austria:
Energy awareness and a pioneering spirit shape the development of the HERZ heat pumps. Another project was realized in Styria – the new building with an area of 120 m² is heated by a HERZ commotherm LW-A and ensures a pleasant temperature even in summer thanks to the possibility of cooling. The system was rounded off with innovative fresh water technology.