HERZ is on fire!

Incipient fire fight at HERZ in Pinkafeld

In September of this year, an incipient fire fight took place for the employees of HERZ Energietechnik together with “Brandschutz Eibel”.

In the course of this training, the employees were informed about the subjects of “what to do in the event of a fire”, “how starts a fire” and “how to use portable extinguishing devices and wall hydrants”.

After the theoretical instruction, the employees were also able to lend a hand and extinguish small fires with various small extinguishing devices.

Afterwards, the participants were able to experience what happens if burning cooking oil is accidentally extinguished with water and how a burning person is extinguished.

Such fire protection investigations and fire alarm exercises are held in regular intervals so that the right response can be made in the event of an incident.

The offer was gladly accepted by the employees. We thank you for the spectacular training and look forward to the next time.