HERZ BioMatic 300-500

Power range from 79 till 450 kW

Forward-looking and energy efficient Biomass heating with HERZ BioMatic 300/350/400/500 – Innovative heating with the unbeatable compact BioMatic for wood chips or pellets!

  • The BioMatic in detail:
  • One of the most compact biomass systems available on the market
  • In most cases the system can be brought in to existing oil or gas plant rooms
  • Economy
  • Constant high efficiency
  • Optimal BioControl 3000 controller with energy management
  • Energy saving drive technology
  • High quality materials
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low emission values
  • Applicable fuels: pellets according to ÖNORM M 7135, DINplus seal of approval or Swisspellet; wood chips G30-G50/W35 according to ÖNORM M 7133
  • Automatic cleaning:
  • The surfaces of the standing pipe heat exchanger are automatically cleaned during the boiler operation.
  • Ash and clinker build-up on the combustion grate is automatically removed by a vibrating plate.
  • Ash thus generated in the base of the combustion chamber and heat exchanger is automatically discharged to external ash boxes via augers.

HERZ BioMatic – for forward-looking and energy efficient Biomass heating

  • Large buildings: Hospitals, schools, public buildings, etc.
  • Hotel complexes: Heating buildings as well as heating for swimming pools, Wellness areas, fitness and spa areas
  • Housing estate projects: District heating, family homes, etc.
  • Timber processing plants: Joinery, furniture producers, etc.
wood chips and wood pellets
Forward-looking and energy efficient Biomass heating
Forward-looking and energy efficient Biomass heating
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Storage- and transport systems
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