Scraper chain conveyors

The big advantages of the scraper chain conveyor

  • Ideal for fuel transport & fuel distribution

  • Efficient storage room utilisation

  • Can be individually planned on existing floor plans
  • Dust protected due to full covering
  • Low maintenance effort due to easy replaceable wear parts
  • Simple and robust construction
  • Economic operation due to use of efficient drive elements
  • Reliable transport of:
    – Wood chips
    – Pellets
    – Sawdust, bark as accompanying material
    – Waste wood
    – Special fuels (for instance: corncobes, cherry stones, chicken litter)
    – Ash
    – etc.

The conveyors are useable as:

  • Fuel transporter over longer distances up to 30 meters
  • Fuel transporter to a higher level
  • Fuel distributor for cascade systems
  • Central ash discharge

Bottom chord conveyor in combination with a hydraulic walking floor

The chain conveyor is feeded with fuel by a hydraulic walking floor. The chain conveyor is transporting the fuel to the combustion chamber.

More information you can find in the brochure!